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What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

You’re Beautiful  and I hope that one day you learn to believe it     

       wpid-9cf0576f1195c3ac12033bebbcb599d7    Beautiful, in my world, has always been reserved for a select elite few. Beautiful is something you are born into, not something you can achieve by hard work and desire. I’ve always seen being called beautiful as one of the highest compliments because it’s so rarely handed out.

The concept of being “beautiful” has also always been separate from the concept of “beauty” for me. Ideally we see beauty in all sorts of people and things. But, at least in my world, that doesn’t necessarily also make that person “beautiful.” Certainly, in my world, it never makes me “beautiful.”I do love the idea, however, that someone can feel beautiful simply because there is something in her life or about herself that makes her feel that way. I think that’s a pretty amazing way to think about the concept as something that pleases us and who gives  what anyone else thinks. 

           I’m not personally there yet, but thinking about it did make me realize that perhaps there are more things that are beautiful about me than I ever took the time to notice. And perhaps I should spend a little more time reflecting on what those things are. Because feeling beautiful is so much more important than having someone tell me that I am. And in times like this, when the world seems like it’s all falling apart, we could all stand to remember that whatever it is that makes us feel beautiful, we should keep it close because that’s a feeling worth holding into.r

Why should I love you? What if some one asks this?

Heart-i-love-you-never-leave-me-message-640x480If someone asks this who has spent a considerable time with me, I must put up the fact that I am very funny, caring and lovely. I made him/her laugh a lot, tried to solve every little problem as I am a problem solver and the most lovable person in his/her life. Even I indulged them to speak out the deepest secrets of their lives, I know and care to hide the same from others.

Love more or less is not something we talk about but something we can show with our actions.

If it’s the first time when someone is asking of why you love them you are supposed to explain in details as to what are the things that the other one possesses which attracted you towards them. It could be a long list or a short one depending on your relationship with the other person.If you have been in a relationship with the person who asks you the question then they might be asking it just for reassurance. If the situation is serious you can explain yourself as to why you love them and if it is a casual occasion you can just fool around and be goofy about it.According to me, love is not something we express through words but by our actions. So everytime you meet that person you can do something that might help them to realize that you love them. These gestures don’t have to be huge or expensive but things such as complimenting them, supporting them, listening to them, thinking of their happiness, making them a part of your decisions could be a nice way to convey your love.

Anyhow, it will never harm you to tell the person you love, why you love them. So go ahead and tell them or atleast you make them feel loved. Don’t be shy about it. 🙂love-513a



 We just have to accept the fact that some people are going to stay in our hearts even if they don’t stay in our lives.

If you have a relationship, you’ll be granted with a glass. That glass is used on how much you’ve done on your relationship. You put sand whenever you encounter the best memories of your relationship. This quote below describes of what love is.
“Love is like a glass of sand, the more sand you have in the glass describes on how great the relationship is. But if that relationship ends, that glass will break causing sand to pour out of the glass. No matter how hard you try to stitch it up it’ll never be fix. However if you did fix it, it doesn’t matter because there are aplenty of sand that poured out. The excess sand represents thorns in your heart, no matter how hard you try to forget about the person It’ll always prick you forever.”

Why is love  complicated?

There are many reasons why it is complicated and some of these reasons may surprise you, while others may not. If you want to find out some of the reasons why love can be so complicated. THERE ARE FOUR REASONS WHY LOVE IS COMPLICATED!

  • ONE  of the reason is TECHNOLOGY  – Yes, technology is one of the reasons why love can be so complicated at times. Let’s be honest, many people are attached to their electronic devices, especially to their tablets and smartphones, as if they were attached by the hip to them. In other words, when you are getting involved in a new relationship and everything seems to be going good, technology can complicate things because it can actually sometimes get in the way of a relationship.
  • SECOND IS THE PAST – Unfortunately, love can be complicated because of your past, or of the person’s, whom you are with or dating, past. Sometimes people have been involved in one bad relationship after another,  into their next relationship. If this happens, then this can complicate things, regardless of how good they are treated or how much they care about the person they are with.
  • THIRD IS  Things Move To Fast – Love can be complicated because things can move too fast between two people. Some people may think this is not a big deal, but subconsciously they don’t want things to move at the pace they are currently moving at. When this happens, then they can slow things right down or even put the relationship to a full stop, and this can make things very complicated.
  • AND LASTLY IS Indecisiveness-   Sometimes people don’t even know why they have to complicate things, and this can lead to them being involved in a relationship that is always on and off. In other words, sometimes love is complicated because one person in the relationship is constantly changing their mind. One minute they may think they know what they want and the next they don’t, hence the reason why they are always calling a relationship off and then calling it back on.As you can see, there are a few reasons why love is complicated. Love doesn’t have to be difficult and it is not always that way. However, now you know what some of the reasons are, and the next time you ask yourself why love is so complicated, perhaps you’ll understand a little better.

Most Watch Movies of all times

PicMonkey Collage     We all agree movies allow us to escape and there’s value in that but it’s more than simple escapism. Movies take us to places we’ve never been and inside the skin of people quite different from ourselves. They offer us a window onto the wider world, broadening our perspective and opening our eyes to new wonders.

I love movies! It has been my go-to for pretty much anything. Whether it be if I’m in a bad or good mood or I just need a friendly nostalgic reminder of why I loved that movie in the first place. For this post I, along with my siblings, would like to dedicate it to our beloved sister  who made our love for movies more enjoyable and meaningful.

One of my favorite film is Cinderella 🙂 CinderellaampPrince Shareable_zpsih9jfpmt

For some reason, the Cinderella story is the fairy tale redone most often. It can be easily disguised in the time period of your choice, leaping over boundaries between realistic or fantasy. And it’s gripping every time.

Frankly, Cinderella’s never been my go-to fairy tale. I’m more of a Beauty and the Beast girl. But I like the glass-slipper, handsome-prince, sneak-away-to-the-ball as much as the next girl.

Why Cinderella is my Favorite most watch movies?

The theme wasn’t “Follow Your Heart” or “Wed Only For Love” or “Rebel Against Your Parents/Step-Parents.” The theme actually came from Cinderella’s mother who said, “Have courage, and be kind,” which, when you break it down, can be quite biblical. How often are we instructed to take courage and wait on the Lord? Or take courage and have faith? (Psalm 31:24; 1 Cor. 16:13; Psalm 27:14) And kindness in itself is an attitude encouraged by Christ. Ella clung to these instructions with every fiber of her being, especially when the going got tough. While she may have seemed a little too strong to some  I found her persistent kindness inspiring.

Next  is TITANIC


The Titanic is one of the most watched movies of all time. Starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes. The Titanic is a disaster romance film in which members aboard the Titanic fall in love with each other and majority perish when it is sinks during its maiden voyage.

2Titanic is an epic movie because there is so many good factors contributing to the whole film. Definately there was no cost-cutting while making this film which made it so much better, realistic. But it also shows all aspects of human nature, exactly as it happened when the ship was sinking. Some people were bribing crew members, and others were locked under the deck! I believe that the whole mess, all the mistakes is what made Titanic so “famous”, after all, its not the only ship that has sunk. Anyway look up Molly Brown she is shown all the time in Titanic, and she was pretty cool. About its re-release, its good that they do it, shame about the fake 3D, I know a lot of “public” will get excited about the 3D but the film is already engaging enough in 2D. Its all about money.The content connects with the standard Use historical thinking skills to understand the context of events, people, and places. The Titanic and it’s sinking was a historical event that occurred a little more than a hundred years ago. Students would use historical thinking skills to research the Titanic in order to understand the context of the event. They would learn about the people or passengers on board the ship, the different places it traveled, as well as what caused it to ultimately sink.

There are movies made on social issues which are very much pertinent to our society. Movies on matters such as dowry, caste system, honour killing and socio economic divide often help create the needed awareness about the issues. They arouse the long gone conscience in people when they see individuals going through such difficult situations even if it is on screen. So yes, movies help and work in delivering important messages to the society.

Craziest thing I’ve Done

      Everyone of us has craziest things that we’ve done in our lives, some of those happenings makes our experience’s the best, and memorable, some of those happenings makes our lives more colorful and interesting, we may regret some of those happening’s but I believe that the more we regret it , the more we learn from it. Those things are part of our daily experiences that through experience we learn how to grow,and by growing we learn how to give,and by giving we let others experience life.
      Craziest things I’ve done in my life.
             when I was in my grade 4 level I am very quite and a shy person. My classmates keep on approaching me everyday for me to
              Be able to overcome my personality that is very weird, I’m not a talkative person when I was a child I am a very shy and a quite person so my classmates had teach me a lot of crazy things. One of my classmates blackmailed me saying if I will not shout very loud in our flag ceremony she will cut my hair very short. That time I was so scared, so scared that I might die. So I just did what she have said and after that we’ve been sent to the principal office with our parents. Thanks to my friend because from that day, I was able to overcome my shyness and fear of people. And now I am the girl who has a strong confidence and had no fear of everything.JVH
          2     I was laying on my bed thinking about how crazy I am  and i remembered a time when me and my sister stuffed literally a whole bag of gums balls into our mouth as a contest to see who could eat the most. It was so sweet and we could barely chew cause we had like 40 pieces of gum balls in our mouth. Oh I won the contest managed to do the whole bag  my prize? A very tired mouth, painful teeth from all that sweetness, probably a stomach ache, and most likely future cavities 🙂


My Ideal Partner


        Everyone of us deserves an ideal partner that values as precious as our life. No perfect person, but a perfect ideal partner which, each of us sets our own standards of an ideal partner. Honest, loyal, respectful & loving partner is what I desire. Honest, because even if we’re all not perfect at least we are honest to ourselves and to others. Loyal, because honesty is not just a measure of a person’s wholesomeness, loyalty is still counted that each of us must share our own vows showing our care for every weaknesses and enhancing our sweetness through of our strengths amidst challenges in life. Respectful in a way that each of us should agree with our Do’s & Don’ts where our boundaries are set even if we’re together. Loving, it’s because all of the other traits are already included to an ideal person who’s love is nearly immeasurable and it will also unwind our stressed relationship so if he loves me so much, then I will love him as much as I can. Because if we’re in love we conquer all fears and sustain the peaceful and loving relationship. Hence, all of these traits really concludes the ideal partner that I want in my life. That’s if God’s plan permits me to have an ideal partner that I want. Actually we all deserve to have an ideal partner in life but it is still with in us on how to define and set standards of the ideal partner that we want.

My ideal partner is someone who doesn’t need to be perfect, he doesn’t need to be cute or famous. Everything about him and only him is enough for me. He should be loving, He should love God as much he loves me because I do believe that when he first love God, everything he will love next will be bless. My ideal partner should be a man who can stand with his words and be able to admit things he can’t do as a way of showing humbleness inside him.ideal-partner-women-men-looking-one-thing-1024x637
A partner who inspires me, cares for me and motivates me to be a better person that I was before. Someone who will never underestimates me, instead encourage me to be at my best. Someone who is strong, strong enough to catch me every time, I cant stand on my own, strong enough by not leaving me alone and assures me nothing but love, only love. 

Five Things I Love to do Before I Die

        Life is something special given by God. and there’s a lot of meaning of it, for instance when you go to social medias and other forms of media where you can get massive information the meaning of life are the ability to grow, change, etc., that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks , the period of time when a person is alive, and the experience of being alive. Yet, too many meanings but it has only one thought. Life is special and you have to use and utilize the time of your life. Your life will be great if you know how to live with it or you’ve done something you want to do in your life.
When you feel something special and you breath constantly , when you feel downcast and you are happy, these are considered life. I’m saying these because life is everywhere. Each one of us dream of something we want to do before we die. Are you afraid of dying? Well, if you will ask me about death, I’m a little bit frighten and aghast if i did not done my dreams in life or something i want to do in my life
Allow me to share my top 5 things I love to do before I die.
          First, to travel around the world, Because I love seeing other nationalities and to learn other cultures and traditions. I love seeing unique places and to see the beautiful creation of God. The best feeling when you’re in the other country is everything are new to you and you have to learn from it. Because for me the best teacher in life are experience. When you’re there it is very different what you read on the book and what you see in the social media are different when you already experiencing it.
Second, to finish my study and to make my family proud of me. Seeing my mother smile and very proud of me is the best award or gift that i could get in my graduation. You know that feeling that you’ve been experienced different struggles and obstacles that you face during your elementary grade up to college and you survive all of it.
Third, To get married. Life will be more exciting and enjoyable when you get married. Before I die, I will seize the moment to my partner and i will make sure to have a baby, to take care of me when i get old. I will do my best to guide my children with etiquette and decorum and I will give them the best thing I could give to them before I die.
Fourth is to see my father and talk to him personally.At least, I have the chance to share my downcast , heavyhearted and crestfallen when he left us and to say thank you to my father ,even if he did not stay on my side. He’s the reason why i am stronger right now and i cannot easily give up. He made me strong and stout. I will consider it a blessing because even if he left us, he makes me what i am right now.
lastly is to get a job to help my family to overcome poverty. I will make sure before I die, I will work hard so that I can give them a good life and be able to be stable enough to get those needs.